Palm and Soy: From Plant to Wax

I have burned soy, palm and paraffin in my home.  (I would also like to try coconut wax!) Soy and palm are my favorites.   Beeswax is nice too.  I do burn some paraffin candles, but only small ones or for a short time because I don’t really like how they effect the air quality.   So mostly, I burn candles made from palm, soy or beeswax as they burn cleaner and don’t bother me.  Everyone is different,  and that why it is so great that there are lots of choices!

I make candles, and the wax I love the most is a blend of soy and palm.  Soy is a very soft wax, and palm is a very hard wax, so adding the palm hardens the soy and improves the burn and scent throw.

Candle Wax

The soy wax I use in my candles is renewable, sustainable, made from abundant crops grown by American farmers. The wax is made from the soybeans and is 100% natural.  It is not tested on animals, is kosher certified, free from pesticides and herbicides, and is manufactured meeting FDA standards.

Soy Plant

Palm wax is made from oils derived from the palm kernel.  I found a palm wax that is responsibly farmed, is renewable and sustainable.  There is concern with palm wax about deforestation and endangering the Orangutan.  So I am happy there are organizations that are working to support best practices, because the palm plant can be an eco-friendly and sustainable resource that farmers depend on to support their families and communities.  I buy my palm wax from certified members of the MPOA and RSPO, so I know they have been grown by responsible farmers on private plantations.

Palm Plant

I think that 100% pure soy and palm wax candles burn beautifully, so I don’t use any additives.  And if it happens to spill, it cleans up super easy.

Visit Lot 450 on Etsy to shop for this handmade candle.

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