Grow Where You are Planted

I have moved a lot.  A lot.  I grew up in Washington state, then headed to California and back again.  I moved to Colorado Springs, and Boston.  I have moved across the country twice, and moved to Los Angeles four times.  Scouted Portland, Connecticut and New York too.

I saw the quote “grow where you are planted” and it resonated with me right away.  It  thought it fit this photo of my daughter perfectly.  This quote reminds me to give things in life some time, to slow down and relax.


I took this photo while living in Mukilteo, WA, (near Seattle). Our family took a day trip to the tulip fields in Skagit Valley.  It was beautiful, and we had a great day.  We even found an alpaca farm and got to pet them!

While I still want great adventures, I’d rather it not include a U-Haul truck.  But I can not rule out the possibility… wanderlust is in my heart.



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