Rustic Bohemian Dried and Artificial Flowers


Lot 450 is a floral design studio in Los Angeles, CA. I work with artificial and dry flowers for weddings and home decor in a rustic boho design style.


I think that enjoying moments throughout your day is a wonderful way to create a joyful life. A small moment to enjoy the beauty of nature. A special keepsake that sparks a smile. That perfect accent piece that everyone complements. This is what I hope my designs will create for you.


Brenda Urquhart

I have over twenty years experience as a floral designer. I specialize in artificial and dried floral arrangements for weddings and decor. Add floral touches that make your life easier and bring the beauty of nature into your space. An alternative to fresh flowers, my flower designs are long-lasting, easy to care for, and make great keepsakes.

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All designs are dried/preserved or artificial flowers, they should last six months to a year or longer. They can shed and fade. Dyed flowers can stain. To get the most of your flowers, keep them dry and out of direct sun and heat, display indoors.


Items are made to order and typically ship in 2-3 weeks. I ship USPS from Los Angeles, CA. If you need items by a certain date please contact me. I do accept returns and will refund the cost of the item after I receive it back in original condition. I do not refund postage, this includes items that offered free shipping.